Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PJ and the Dealbreakers This Friday!

PJ and the Dealbreakers is a group born out of years playing good music. From Blues, to R and B to Jazz this group is dedicated to bringing good music back to the forefront. Joe Lucero, (guitar, bass and vocals) Ed Rillera, (keyboard and vocals) and Dave McClure (drums) make up the long seasoned part of this group. Each has played entertained in different bands for over 3 decades. The fourth member of this group is Elias Lucero. At his young age has marked himself as one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists in the area. Doubling on both guitar and bass has Elias being first call for many bay area groups looking for his unique talents. They are the core rhythm section for the popular band Papa Joe and the New Deal and they are looking to bringing a newer sound to this smaller line up.

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