Friday, October 5, 2012

Saturday Music Highlight Is Yumi & the Other Guys On The Patio at Fuso's, Saturday, October 6th

Returning to Fuso's Patio is YUMI & the Other Guys. They rocked the place last month and we're happy to have them back this Saturday, October 6th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Here's a bit about this group:

The History of YUMI & the Other Guys
You've just been to a see a live music event and gone away thinking, "They were okay, but I'm totally sick of hearing (insert song-name here). Imagine how much more that feeling affects really creative people who are stuck in bands playing the same old cover tunes, week after week. Okay, take it from me, it's really boring.

Well, that was us. Robert, Tim & Ron, having played Mustang Sally, Proud Mary, Folsom Prison Blues... until our ears bled. We all liked very diverse types of music: Jazz, Country, Pop (70's to today), light rock, but the bands that were available to play with all seemed to have the same setlists.

The solution?
"Let's put together a high quality band and play the 'other' songs that everyone loves but that have been really unavailable to audiences; kind of a 'B-side' project." Of course there's a reason why other bands don't play these songs. Many of them have additional instrument parts and really interesting harmonies that would be difficult to put together quickly and would require more time and commitment from the musicians. What the heck! We're up for it.

So we conducted a poll, collected a list of songs that we, our friends and family would really like to hear and got to work. Auditions, practice, more auditions, more practice. Given the needs of the music, we determined that we wanted two female vocalists that could perform both leads and harmonies (enter Brittany and Allison). This supplemented by Robert and Ron's vocals gave us the ability to do four-part harmonies. Ya' just don't find that in many cover bands. Combine great vocals with Tim's high energy bass and attention to detail, Robert's varied selection of guitars and effects and Ron's ability to program his keyboard with multiple instrument splits, arpeggiators and dynamically layered sounds, and we might just make this thing work.

Come see us and experience the YuMi difference!

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